Experience the Wonders of Aokigahara! Discover the Vibrant Life of Nature with FUJI HAT’s Guided Tour

Aokigahara: Mt. Fuji's Mystical Woods
Hiroki Hattori

Aokigahara is a mystical forest at the foot of Mount Fuji. While often perceived as a “forest of fear,” its true nature is filled with breathtaking scenes of vibrant life. On FUJI HAT’s guided tour, you can learn about the forest’s formation and ecosystem while experiencing the mystery and vitality of nature firsthand. With friendly and approachable guides, you can safely and comfortably explore the forest. Participants have said that they were reminded of the importance of nature and the value of life. Why not join FUJI HAT’s guided tour and discover the true essence and allure of Aokigahara for yourself? We promise you an unforgettable experience!


Hello, I’m Hiroki Hattori, a guide at FUJI HAT. Today, I’m excited to share with you the allure of Aokigahara, a forest I deeply cherish, and introduce you to the guided tours we offer.

Nestled at the foot of Mount Fuji, Aokigahara is often misunderstood as a “forest of fear.” However, as you’ll discover on our tours, this mystical woodland is actually teeming with vibrant life and natural wonders. It’s this true essence of Aokigahara that inspired me to start these guided tours, aiming to reveal its genuine charm to more people.

On FUJI HAT’s guided tours, we provide enjoyable and informative insights into the forest’s formation, history, and the remarkable vitality of its plants. Participants will undoubtedly appreciate the importance of nature and the wonder of life.

In this blog, I will cover the following topics in detail

  • The allure of Aokigahara
  • Experience of FUJI HAT’s guided tours
  • Testimonials from tour participants
  • Conclusion and tips for visiting Aokigahara

I hope this will be an opportunity for you to appreciate the mystical charm of the forest and the importance of nature. Let’s dive into the world of Aokigahara together!

Aokigahara’s Allure

Aokigahara’s Formation and History

Aokigahara was formed about 1,200 years ago by an eruption of Mount Fuji. In 864 AD, the side volcano Nagao erupted, and a massive lava flow covered the forested area at the time, eventually reaching the vast lake known as Senoumi, dividing it into present-day Lake Shoji and Lake Sai.

The lava field that cooled and solidified marked the beginning of Aokigahara. Initially a barren land, over centuries, moss, grass, and trees gradually started to grow. It is believed that the forest reached its current appearance about 400 to 500 years ago.

Unique Features and Vibrant Nature of the Sea of Trees

The distinctive characteristic of Aokigahara, the Sea of Trees, is its unique ecosystem thriving on lava.Due to the porous nature of the lava, which allows for excellent drainage, trees rely on a thin layer of surface soil and moss for their growth. Moss, often referred to as the “cradle of the forest,” plays a crucial role in supporting the growth of trees.

Furthermore, as trees cannot develop deep roots in the lava, their roots spread along the surface, resulting in a high number of fallen trees – another defining feature of this forest. These fallen trees, even as they decay, nourish new life, creating a distinctive regeneration cycle known as “nurse logs.”

The media often portrays Aokigahara as a “forest of fear” or a “notorious suicide spot,” leading to a negative image. However, walking through the forest reveals the inaccuracy of this portrayal.

The forest is filled with resilient plants adapting to harsh conditions. Moss, fallen trees, and the new life sprouting from them all showcase the forest’s vitality. I wish more people could see the true nature of Aokigahara. It is not a place of fear but a unique area that teaches the beauty of nature and the value of life.

FUJI HAT Guided Tour Experience

Introducing the Participants and Their Expectations

Two young women from Tokyo joined this tour. Both in their third year of work, they were eager to experience the wonders of Aokigahara. Having discovered the guided tour on YouTube and FUJI HAT’s website, they expressed their desire to “feel the mysterious charm of the forest” and “breathe deeply in nature.”

The Personality and Charm of Guide Hiroki Hattori

As the guide, I am Hiroki Hattori. Captivated by the natural beauty of the Mt. Fuji area during my university years, I’ve been sharing this wonder with others ever since. My goal is to ensure participants truly enjoy themselves and connect with nature. I take pride in my cheerful and approachable personality, which adds to the tour’s appeal.

Tour Details (Locations Visited, Highlights, Participants’ Reactions)

The tour began at the entrance to Aokigahara. Upon entering, participants were overwhelmed by its mystical atmosphere. As we ventured deeper, I explained the forest’s formation, history, and unique ecosystem.

Participants were fascinated by the unique scenery, such as new life sprouting from fallen trees and roots spreading over moss. They described the experience as if they had wandered into another world.

A highlight of the tour was the “Wind Cave” at the forest’s center, where cold air emanates from lava crevices, even in summer. Participants were delighted by this natural wonder.

Photos and Videos of the Tour

The blog photos capture the tour’s essence, showcasing the mystical landscapes and participants enjoying nature. These images convey Aokigahara’s allure and the unique experience offered by the FUJI HAT guided tour.

Participants’ Impressions After the Tour

Participants’ Impressions and Learnings After the Tour

After the tour, the two women shared their thoughts: “It was fun,” and “Our image of the forest changed.” They were moved by the forest’s beauty and the resilience of life within it, stating that the stress of daily life seemed to melt away during their walk.

They learned from the plants adapting to harsh conditions and realized the value of life. The tour inspired them to face challenges with renewed hope.

The Appeal of Aokigahara Through FUJI HAT’s Guide

The participants appreciated my guidance, noting that my explanations were clear and enhanced their experience. They felt my passion for the forest, making the tour memorable.

Furthermore, they mentioned, “We could feel Mr. Hattori’s love and passion for the forest keenly through his explanations during the tour.” Both participants seemed satisfied with experiencing the true essence and charm of the forest through FUJI HAT’s guidance.

Insights and Changes Gained from the Tour

A participant reflected, “I’ve realized the importance of spending time in nature. I want to balance my work life with nature more.” Another mentioned, “I will strive to live positively, just like the plants in the forest.” These insights demonstrate the deep impact of the tour beyond mere sightseeing.

Mr. B expressed, “Like the plants of the forest, I want to face forward with hope even in difficult situations,” sharing his determination to apply the lessons learned from the tour to his own life.

From their feedback, it’s clear that FUJI HAT’s guided tours bring not just a tourist experience but deep emotional impact and insights to the participants. I feel a sense of fulfillment and pride as a guide knowing that through these tours, we can positively impact the lives of our participants.

Summary of FUJI HAT Guided Tour’s Appeal

The FUJI HAT guided tour offers a special experience that fully showcases Aokigahara’s true essence. Participants learn about the forest’s formation and ecosystem while feeling the vitality and mystery of nature. As your guide, I ensure a fun and engaging experience.

Participants leave with a renewed appreciation for nature and life, gaining unique insights and emotions that are hard to find in daily life. FUJI HAT’s guided tours provide more than just a sightseeing experience; they offer a memorable journey for the heart and mind.

The Charm of Aokigahara

Aokigahara was formed approximately 1,200 years ago from a volcanic eruption of Mount Fuji’s side volcano, Nagao-yama. The flowing lava engulfed forests and divided Lake Senoumi into present-day Lake Shoji and Lake Sai, giving birth to the forest.

There are various tour companies besides FUJI HAT in the Aokigahara Jukai. For first-time visitors, we recommend avoiding solo exploration and instead joining a guided tour. Exploring while learning about its attractions can turn it into a wonderful experience, so please enjoy exploring the forest while listening to explanations.

If possible, we would be delighted if you could join FUJI HAT’s guided tour ^^ We will guide you with confidence!

Why Choose FUJI HAT?

Join FUJI HAT’s guided tours for an in-depth, heartfelt journey into Aokigahara’s beauty and history. Experience the forest’s vibrant life and gain a newfound appreciation for nature. Our tours are not just sightseeing but a profound, memorable adventure. For reservations and inquiries, please contact us through our website or the information below.

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We warmly invite you to explore the mystical world of Aokigahara with us!


Did you enjoy it? Were you able to feel the charm of Aokigahara Forest and the special experience of the FUJI HAT guided tour? I hope to share the allure of this mystical forest with many more people.

For those feeling weary from daily life, seeking solace in nature, or looking for new insights, Aokigahara offers a remarkable experience. I invite you to visit this enchanting forest.

FUJI HAT eagerly awaits your tour inquiries!

We strive to provide not just a sightseeing trip, but a truly memorable experience. Our mission is to help you fully appreciate the true essence and beauty of Aokigahara.

During the tour, you’ll learn about the forest’s mysterious landscapes and ecosystems while rejuvenating your mind and body. My bright and friendly personality, along with a focus on safety and comfort, enhances the experience.

Why not create unforgettable memories in the unique setting of Aokigahara? Join a FUJI HAT guided tour to feel the wonder and vitality of nature. We look forward to welcoming you!











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